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Kilns and furnaces

If you are wondering, where to buy a quality kiln or furnace at a good price, then you are in the right place. In this section, you can find various types of kilns for professional use, furnaces for special industrial needs, as well as kilns for hobby purposes. We focus on the distribution of such kilns, for which we are absolutely sure that the...


If you are wondering, where to buy a quality kiln or furnace at a good price, then you are in the right place. In this section, you can find various types of kilns for professional use, furnaces for special industrial needs, as well as kilns for hobby purposes. We focus on the distribution of such kilns, for which we are absolutely sure that they are failure-free, have a long lifetime, great functional properties and are easy to operate. We also operate some furnaces, so we are familiar with the offered kilns assortment in detail and we can help you not only with the selection, but also with their installation, training of operators or regular service checkouts. 

Kiln selection

Kilns are an essential element of a wide range of industrial sectors, laboratories, ceramic workshops etc. The main issue in the selection of a kiln is its purchase price and the properties that are expected from it by its operator. The following issues are important in the selection of a kiln: volume of a kiln, maximal firing temperature, heating method, temperature distribution, firing properties and a whole range of other parameters and values that are more likely relevant to specific devices. Everyone who wants to buy a kiln should first consider the heating method, which can be gas or electrically heated, or other type of fuel (heating oil, wood etc.). The issue concerning a firing volume is clear – it is necessary to decide whether you are happy with a small kiln, e.g. up to 65 litres, or you need bigger kilns, which in the case of electric heating system, usually have an electrical connection of 400 V (unlike small kilns with voltage of 230 V). Equally important is the decision on expected firing performance – lower performances for hobby users need temperature up to 1200 °C, higher values of the firing performance are characteristic for professional kilns. Of course, one should also orientate himself according to the materials that he wants to fire in a kiln primarily (stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, glass, metals, plastics or others). Last but not least, when selecting the right furnace, you should also consider the way of filling – it means, whether to choose chamber kiln, top-loading kiln, or eventually a combined solution.

Ceramic kilns

Everyone interested in buying a new kiln should consider his preferences and needs in detail in order to buy a kiln that would have the ideal firing results, the appropriate energy consumption, the functionality and proper lifetime with respect to the frequency of its use. For some processes, it is not easy to choose a suitable kiln. But consulting services are part of our sale or you can use testing centre of the Nabertherm GmbH manufacturer: thanks to our assistance, you will choose the most suitable furnace for you!  

 Types of kilns on the market

Based on our personal experience with the operation of kilns, we convinced ourselves throughout time that with respect to firing quality, reliability and long-term lifetime, that it is worth to focus only on distribution of the following kilns and furnaces:

 •    NABERTHERM kilns and furnaces.

 •    KITTEC kilns.

Both above stated brands are considered as leaders of the kiln/furnace industry – this fact is based, among other things, on their precise manufacturing and on the highest-quality construction materials used. While Kittec kilns are mainly intended for art handicraft (ceramics, glass firing), Nabertherm furnaces are used in a whole range of industrial fields from foundry to healthcare. Kiln assortment in our offer is really wide and we are able to cover all firing fields:

•    Kilns for professional ceramic workshops (Kittec, Nabertherm).

•    Furnaces for laboratories (Nabertherm)

•    Furnaces for foundries (Nabertherm).
•   Furnaces for metal and plastic processing (Nabertherm).

•   Fusing kilns (Nabertherm).

•   Furnaces for health sector (Nabertherm).


There is no kiln or furnace we cannot provide for you – we sell not only standard types of kilns but also bespoken kilns, which are made according individual requirements directly at the manufacturer.

How to start a journey to a new kiln?

Do not be in a hurry when choosing a new kiln. Let us help you with it and consult us with any questions you may have! In addition to the above stated parameters, properties and types of kilns, we can also naturally help you with the ventilation of a kiln´s firing area, the right choice of a kiln controller and with a whole range of other specifications that we can assess professionally. We are more than happy to show you each kiln at our headquarters or in the testing centre of our partner manufacturer Nabertherm GmbH, which is unique in its range.


We are looking forward to your inquiry, our contacts can be found here.



  • Ceramic kilns

    The basis of well-fired clay products, whether industrial or decorative, are kilns which can sinter the fired material during the firing itself. It is an undoubtable truth that without a modern ceramic kiln it is very difficult to reach quality properties and first-class final shape of ceramic products. However, not every enthusiast and lover of work with clay has sufficient funds to buy a professional ceramic kiln. Therefore, in our offer you can find not only already mentioned professional kilns with advanced setting options and control of the firing, but also standard kilns for hobby production, which are full-fledged solution for less demanding ceramics lovers! In a nutshell, everyone can choose just the kiln he needs, and we will willingly help you with the selection, so you can choose the most suitable machine with respect to its price and requested properties and parameters.

    Ceramic kilns Nabertherm

    What ceramic kiln to choose and what to keep in mind?

    Whether your workshop needs high-volume ceramic kilns for regular firing of higher volume of clay products, or you are satisfied with occasional firing in smaller ceramic kilns, during the selection you will always be dealing with basic parameters, properties and functionality of a specific kiln. A professional will logically have slightly different needs for a ceramic kiln than a hobby enthusiast with irregular firing. Despite these differences, we can say that when selecting the right kiln for ceramic firing, it is necessary to stick to certain principles. Now, we will describe to you the most important ones. If anything is not clear to you, or if you wish to consult the selection of a new ceramic kiln with us in more detail, feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide you with non-binding professional advice.


    Important parameters/aspects:

    1.   Type of a kiln heating system – gas kiln vs. electric kiln. Every heating system has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric firing is easier and easier to control and programmable with good reproducibility. On the other hand, gas kilns allow ceramic firing in a reducing atmosphere, lower operating costs, and are frequently used for firing over 1300°C (e.g. porcelain). Initial costs are unambiguously lesser at electric kilns.
     2.    Firing temperature – we distinguish the maximal temperature of a kiln and the operational temperature. We select the second one with respect to materials and demands on final firing. For long-term smooth operation, the performance reserve of kiln is usually recommended at least of 50, but more preferably of 100°C, comparing to the planned firing temperature.

    3.    Volume of a ceramic kiln – we comply with the requirement for the size and volume of a batch (or fired products). In standard dimension, we offer inner volumes of ceramic kilns from 16 litres (for firing of samples) up to 10.000 litres, which is suitable for experienced manufactures (higher volumes are individually bespoken devices). For the hobby ceramists firing, kilns with an inner volume of 50 – 300 litres are usually used.

    4.    Way of filling a ceramic kiln – it is necessary to consider whether it is preferable for you the upper or lateral variant of loading the goods for firing, that means top-loading or chamber kiln. Shutter kilns are used for larger types of kilns.

    5.    Quality of construction and heating coils – overall top-class design of a kiln, stable and solid construction, solution of heating system, construction of lid or roof, these are important aspects of the selection. For this reason, we recommend you preferring proven manufacturers of ceramic kilns with sufficient history and with the availability of spare parts and service.

    6.    Way of ventilation and temperature regulation – both effect the kiln´s lifetime. Easy temperature control and, above all, functional ventilation influence, among other factors, the final quality of the firing. Quality ceramic kiln must provide perfect (consistent) distribution of temperature in the heating chamber and low operational costs – remember this when choosing. The quality and dimension of insulation of ceramic kilns, which significantly affect kiln´s lifetime, are also important.


    Assortment of ceramic kilns

    Primary we focus on the offer of ceramic kilns from two renowned brands: Nabertherm and Kittec. These are first-class products with perfect craftsmanship and low failure rate. We have chosen these brands after many years of experience as they meet the highest standards of the firing quality and easy control the firing process. For demanding industrial ceramic firing, we offer only the Nabertherm, which is the world leader and provides the widest range of furnaces in the world. They offer, for example, automated firing of ceramic, technical ceramics, electro ceramics, piezo-ceramics or dental ceramics firing. If you are interested in such a type of ceramic furnaces, please feel free to contact us with your inquiry. After consultation with the manufacturer, we will be glad to offer you the best solution for your ceramic firing process. In our standard offer, you can find various types of kilns in different price ranges. You can choose from top-loading kilns, circular or square, or chamber ceramic kilns. The kilns for ceramic firing with maximal temperature of 1300°C are being ordered most often. We also offer ceramic kilns with temperature reduced to 1200°C, or, on the other hand, increased to 1340°, 1400°C or for firing of dental ceramic up to 1500°C, 1600°C, 1700°C and 1800°C.

    Most common Nabertherm ceramic kilns are ready for immediate dispatch including accessories, so you do not have to wait a month or longer for your kiln. Production period of Kittec kilns usually ranges from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the production capacity. At bespoken solutions of ceramic kilns, the delivery term varies according to customization and settings.

    Ceramic kilns Kittec

    Most often, we deliver ceramic kilns for the following types of customers: 

    •    Ceramic kilns for elementary schools, kindergartens

    •    Ceramic kilns for retirement homes and social services homes

    •    Ceramic kilns for vocational and art schools

    •    Ceramic kilns for leisure activities.

    •    Ceramic kilns for ceramic workshops and artistic ceramics.

    •    Ceramic kilns for sheltered workshops and ceramic manufactures. 


    Why our kilns?

    You can expect professional advice and a personal approach when dealing with us, starting with the selection of the kiln and ending with the warranty service. Permanent free advice is part of our services. You can get familiar with a large number of kilns at our showroom – we will showcase you their properties and options. We do not prefer any kiln exhibited in our shop, rather we recommend the best device for each customer whose needs are always assessed individually. Our goal is not to sell a kiln at any cost, but to propose the most suitable device from the customer point of view! Our sales services are very professional, whether it is in an advisory capacity, demonstration of a kiln, its installation at the customer’s place including testing, preparation of wiring, moving, or training of its operator. We have our own service technician and we also provide authorized warranty and post-warranty service of ceramic kilns. The service of ceramic kilns is the after-sale service designed for our customers. If you are considering buying a ceramic kiln from us, we prefer personal or telephone contact that guarantees accurate understanding of requirements for device and sale services. Then, we will make a quotation for a suitable kiln with all the required sales services. 

    We are looking forward to your inquiry.

  • Fusing kilns

    In this category, we introduce you the offer of fusing kilns, which are intended specially for glassblowers and glass workshops thanks to their properties and functional features. Fusing kilns guarantee you the fusion and sinter of first-class glass materials and under such conditions that are almost unreachable without a fusing kiln. Fusing kilns with modern control elements ensure not only first-class fusing of coloured and crystal glass melts, but also the desired gradual cooling, which can be reached with a help of efficient controllers. These controllers (either automatic or semiautomatic) provide required speed of cooling down, including cooling times most suitable for given glass material and the resulting effect of the product.

    Fusing kilns

    Fusing kilns assortment

     We can deliver both low-volume fusing kilns and fusing kilns designed for multi-volume production in glass workshops or industrial plants. The basic serially produced kilns are intended for fusing, slumping and slipping glass into moulds. Furthermore, we offer fusing kilns, fast firing kilns, kilns with salt baths for chemical curing of glass. For special requests, we have special kilns in our assortment for so called Heat soak test, high temperature kilns up to 1800 °C and retort gas-tight kilns in our standard assortment. We also offer the option of bespoken kilns, eventually a modification of serially produced fusing kilns according to the specific requirements of the customer. The complete service on customer's request is part of the fusing kiln delivery. These requests usually contain initial design of a kiln, custom production, testing, on-site assembly, training, warranty and post-warranty service.

     Fusing kilns

    We primarily deliver:

    •    Fusing kilns – used for fusing, glass slumping into moulds.

    •    Heat treatment glass kilns – most often used for glass refinement, e.g. hardening or removal of inner tension.

    •    Glass fusing kilns – used for fusing of glass materials.

    •    Annealing fusing kilns –  allowing to preheat the pans to required operational temperature.

    •    Heat soak test kilns – used for testing.

    •    Cooling kilns –  providing cooling of glass products according to a precisely set cooling curve with the help of efficient controllers of temperature or controlling software.

    The character of the fusing kiln also corresponds to the temperature range: fusing kilns up to 950°C, heat treatment kilns 450 – 1400°C, glass fusing kilns 1100 - 1500 °C, annealing fusing kilns 30 - 1250 °C and cooling kilns 0 - 650 °C.

    In our offer you can find both electric fusing kilns and gas fusing kilns. Due to our years of experience, we reduced the offer to 2 kiln brands – Nabertherm and for small glass workshops also Kittec brand. Fusing and glass kilns of above stated manufacturers have low power consumption, long lifetime, excellent control of fusing temperature and temperature of cooling processes with a help of controllers (controlling can be automatic or semiautomatic), and especially the first-class craftmanship of a kiln. The unique know-how of these manufacturers is reflected in fabulous functional properties of their fusing kilns, which can provide the optimal distribution of the desired temperature to the glass melt, the temperature stability, the precision of reached fusing results. The described fusing kilns have thermocouples of the highest quality and a sophisticated system of regulation of fuel and exhaust system with maximal elimination of the possibility to contaminate the fused material!


    If you have any question concerning a fusing kiln, do not hesitate to contact us, we will recommend you different possible solutions and help you with the selection.
    Fusing kilns

  • Laboratory furnaces

    In this category, you can find a range of laboratory furnaces that are typical for their focus on performing various laboratory tests and similar purposes. We focus on the delivery of Nabertherm laboratory furnaces, because this brand is known not only for its quality, but also for its range of furnaces which is the widest in the world.

    Our current offer of furnaces contains the basic catalogue laboratory furnaces. We provide an eventual specific solution in the form of individual inquiry which we solve together with the customer according their requests. 

    You can order:

    •    Laboratory furnaces for dentists.

    •    Laboratory furnaces for goldsmiths, jewellers.

    •    Laboratory furnaces for chemical workplaces.

    •    Laboratory furnaces for engineering testing.

    •    Laboratory furnaces for manufacturing companies.

    •    Laboratory furnaces for testing institutes and calibration authorities.

    •    Foundry laboratory furnaces. 

    Selection of a laboratory furnace

    Laboratory furnaces must have parameters that meet requirements for specific testing situations where it is necessary to simulate accurate temperature distribution, including the rate of its achievement and drop, as well as its controlled cooling. Laboratory furnaces shall test properties and ensure results of a simulated test of a specific material. That´s why it is necessary to determine whether the furnace will be used for a determination of the sintering or the softening point, for calcination, for combustion, enamel firing or other specific processes.  


    An important attribute of the laboratory furnace is its ventilation, which should protect it from vapour condensation and also from enormous overheating of its casing. No less significant aspect of laboratory furnaces is the possibility to record the realized process, eventually the possibility to further process such data. Some furnaces can be equipped with atmospheric monitoring to control a safe atmosphere according to EN1539 standard.

    Certain tests in laboratory furnaces may cause the release of different substances from the test material, so considering this fact, it is appropriate to choose such a furnace where the heating coils are protected against unwanted interactions, e.g. because of its placement in a tube made of quartz glass or in a ceramic muffle. Quality laboratory furnaces are usually equipped with a stainless-steel casing, which is one of the most basic elements for a long-term lifetime of these furnaces. The control provides efficient and accurate work of the device during laboratory tests. This control allows to set a specific temperature for exact time, rate of temperature increase or its rapid reduction. It should be noted that laboratory furnaces with semiconductor relays have lower noise levels than the ones with a contactor.

     Laboratory furnaces

    You can choose from these types of laboratory furnaces: crucible, chamber, bell, pit-type. We are able to produce high-temperatures, horizontal, hardening, inclined, tube or tempering furnaces according to your wishes and requirements. Most of laboratory processes can be usually covered by serially produced furnaces. When needed, a modular extension or bespoken customization of the standard furnace for customer´s need can be provided. Selecting the most suitable furnace is not always an easy process and often a situation occurs, in which it is necessary to make tests in the Nabertherm GmbH special testing centre in Germany. The centre has a large number of various laboratory furnaces on which you can test the correctness of your selection. Thanks to it, the customer has the assurance that the furnace is correctly selected for the processes he is going to complete. 

     Rotary tube furnaces RS120_750_13_Laboratory furnaces

    Why buy a laboratory furnace from us?

    There are several reasons, so we will list the most important ones:

    1.    Complete service: our cooperation does not end upon purchase on the contrary, it just begins. We provide consultations, installations, training of operators, authorized warranty and post-warranty services and provide any necessary spare parts. And all of this for free.

    2.    Wide assortment: on the Czech market, we belong to the top distributors of laboratory furnaces. With us, you can choose universal or special laboratory furnaces of various kinds, powers, properties and sizes. We can also ensure a laboratory furnace customized according your request.

    3.    Testing centre: a customer can personally check the correctness of his choice for the processes he is going to complete.

  • Industrial furnaces

    If you are looking for a supplier of professional industrial furnaces, then you are in the right place. For your manufacturing or laboratory activity, we can provide you with suitable industrial furnaces with the required performance and a focus on processing of glass, metals, ceramics, plastics and other advanced materials. Does your production demand reliable and sophisticated furnaces for hardening, ignition, tempering, shaping and many other tasks? Do you need modern chamber industrial furnaces or furnaces with charging? Do you require non-standard industrial furnaces for larger volumes, furnaces with higher performance or with the necessary realization and regulation of different temperature curves with eventual monitoring and recording? Or, does your production furnace need to comply with demanding requests of various standards like AMS 2750 E, NADCAP, CQI-9 etc.? We will provide these furnaces for you!

    For a long time, we specialize in deliveries of Nabertherm GmbH industrial furnaces, one of the world’s leaders in given field. In addition to industrial furnaces of this brand, we also sell Nabertherm laboratory furnaces (see separate section).

     Industrial furnaces - tempering furnaces

    Bespoken industrial furnaces

    Because industrial furnaces are usually non-standard and often very specific devices, you cannot buy them in the regular distribution of e-shops. Our side ensures the selection of such a furnace with the necessary initial consulting service which is part of each executed order of bespoken industrial furnaces. We are looking for the most appropriate device as per your demands and according to the description of planned device application. Thanks to our direct connections to the manufacturer of industrial furnaces, we can test the recommended device in relation to its intended application. The customer can easily verify and test resulting effect of an industrial furnace, so he is confident that the device meets predefined requirements.

    Just describe us your specific request and we will provide you with the most suitable bespoken solution. Primarily, we try to consult your requests personally, if the time and situation allow us. Thanks to Nabertherm testing centre, we have access to all available types of laboratory furnaces, and based on this experiences and testing capabilities, we can choose the most suitable furnace for you! The same applies to our services. Thanks to the full support of the manufacturer, we can ensure not only above-standard regular service maintenance and tuning the required performance, but also a quick replacement of any worn parts or components of an industrial furnace.


    Why choose an industrial furnace from us?

    We can advise you very professionally, because a customer cannot always know about all the technical possibilities or the specifics of the desired furnace. It often happens that because of the lack of information, the customer chooses an inappropriate solution. Based on our knowledge and experiences from our previous deliveries of industrial furnaces, we always try to recommend the most appropriate device according to your specifications. We know what the chemical and heat treatment of metal needs, we are very well oriented in firing of ceramics and porcelain, we know how to melt metals, and how to dry or shape other various materials.

    Industrial furnaces

    Which industrial furnaces do we deliver?

    Our company offers furnaces for industrial use, especially in the following sectors:

    •    Industrial furnaces for heat treatment of plastics and metals.  

    •    Industrial furnaces for foundries (melting, holding and transport).

    •    Furnaces for treatment of advanced materials (crystal growth, releasing of binders, composite materials, LED industry, MIM, CIM, MLCC, LTCC, HTCC etc.)

    •    Furnaces for dentists and healthcare sector.

    •    Furnaces for laboratory and research purposes.

    •    Furnaces for ceramic and porcelains workshops.  

    •    Furnaces for glassworks (fusing kilns).


    These are non-standard furnaces designed for the specific needs of the specific sector. Let us know about your requirements for the properties and performance of the required industrial furnace and we will recommend you a specific type according to your specification and then we will make a quotation based on your request.

    Industrial furnaces

    In our offer you can find, for example, laboratory muffle furnace Nabertherm L5/11 (up to temperature of 1100°C), fusing kilns, high-temperature furnaces with a protective atmosphere or vacuum (up to temperature of 3000°C), chamber furnace Nabertherm N 660 (up to temperature of 1400°C), special fusing kiln Nabertherm 1050 equipped with infra-red heating (up to temperature of 950°C), and with a mobile table for better manipulation. We deliver also car hearth industrial furnaces with automatic drive control with various temperature ranges and distributions of temperature in the workspace. You can also order a chamber furnace with a special flammable or non-flammable atmosphere and air circulation. Furnaces for laminar boxes, convectional furnaces with a fan, industrial furnaces with natural air flow, drying furnaces and industrial proportioning furnaces are also available. We also deliver industrial furnaces for extra-clean areas (so called clean room technology) of various classes. Our speciality is the unique technology of industrial furnaces for releasing of binders, the so-called combi furnace with safety packages for monitoring the protective atmosphere in the furnace. From all manufacturers, Nabertherm GmbH offers the widest assortment of furnaces in the world.


    In the case that you are not happy with a standard solution and you are looking for an industrial furnace with specific functionality and properties, then we are able to „design“ such a furnace and then provide it for you thanks to our close cooperation with the manufacturer. Alternatively, we can offer you a customization of the standard model of an industrial kiln to your specific requirements.

  • Enamelling furnaces

    Enamel is a special glass that is applied to a metal product, and by its properties is similar to glaze. For production and processing of enamel, whether for the field of art jewellery or for laboratory or industrial purposes, special enamelling furnaces are used, because they are able to provide perfect temperature distribution, fast reaching the working temperature, and, above all, the possibility to open a furnace at high temperatures for necessarily long time in order to charge or discharge products. In this category, you can find assortment of Nabertherm enamelling furnaces, which, thanks to its perfect properties and technical design, belong to mostly used furnaces for enamel firing not only among professionals.

    On the market, there are enamelling furnaces from several manufacturers. Based on our personal experience and user rating, we prefer the Nabertherm brand, which combines above-standard quality and long lifetime. These enamelling furnaces are characteristic for easy control, unique functional properties, possibilities of easy regulation and a wide range of various dimensions in stock for a fast dispatch.

    Demonstration of work with enamelling furnace Nabertherm

    Choosing an enamelling furnace

     Enamelling furnaces differ from one another not only by the size of the device, but also by energy  consumption, maximum reached temperature or weight. Basic enamelling furnaces have standard settings and regulation of the firing, while advanced devices have advanced settings of regulation and firing process programming.

    Quality enamelling furnaces are usually made of frameless construction with an adequate coating and multilayer structure of insulation that guarantees long lifetime. Chamber of enamelling furnace should be made of lightweight fibrous insulation that allows short heating periods and logically is also equipped with covered heating elements to increase the resistance to temperature shocks when opening the furnace at high temperatures. The most common solution is covering the heating element in quartz tubes or ceramic boards, so called muffles. Thanks to this, the heating elements of the enamelling furnace are also protected against the influence of aggressive substances which can be released from the charge. Enamelling furnaces should be also equipped with a controller, a switching element (ideally a non-contacting switching relay) and a ventilation system. For more expensive solutions, the furnace can be equipped with an exhaust fan or a supply of protective atmosphere.

    Enamel in furnace

    So-called muffle furnaces are good for smaller works, because they are, among other things, characteristic by low energy consumption and easy control. These furnaces contain a lightweight fibre insulation that allows fast reaching the operational temperature. Quality enamelling furnaces are equipped with a perfectly working regulation that ensures elimination of temperature fluctuations and affects the temperature distribution in the furnace. Higher temperature differences can result to different colour effects of final product, which is usually not desirable. Control of heating should be solved ideally by quiet semiconductor relays which are subject to minimal wear.

    In the case that you are interested in an enamelling furnace for industrial production, please feel free to contact us with your inquiry. We will gladly make a price offer on such a furnace. 

    Tips on working with enamel

     The products are loaded into an enamelling furnace that was pre-heated to the working temperature recommended by the manufacturer of enamel. Enamels for metals are usually fired at temperatures of 700 – 850 °C.

    It is good to pre-heat an enamelling furnace to higher temperature than the firing temperature required, because upon opening the hot furnace, a heat loss occurs that needs to be considered.

    The charge must be carefully inserted into an enamelling furnace in completely dry state and in such a way to prevent mixing of applied but still unfired colours. The resulting colour of enamel is given by the quality of colours, the colour combination, the thickness of applied layer, the firing period and the number of firing cycles. Thanks to repeated firing in the enamelling furnace, it is possible to obtain new effects and craft the appearance, but it may also cause unwanted appearance changes. Very important is the precise time of firing and it is derived from your experience with colours and specific enamelling furnace. Firing itself takes at a smaller product between 1 and 3 minutes.

    If you want to experiment and seek for new effects and appearances, it is advisable to record firing temperatures, proceed according guidelines/tables and write down each result, including the firing period.

    Prior to the application of an enamel itself, it is necessary to properly clean and degrease the surface on which the enamel will be applied.

    Muffle furnace for enamelling

  • Ceramic kilns for schools

    Within our activity, we focus, among others, on the sale of ceramic kilns for schools and other school facilities. We cooperate with a whole range of schools which regularly take ceramic tools from us and for which, in the case of need, we also provide the sale of ceramic kilns for good prices.

    Whether you are running a ceramic course or a professional handicraft training, we will be glad to provide you with a furnace according to your requirements. If your current kiln serves out, let us know, and we will help you choose a new device that corresponds with your requirements. On the contrary, if you exactly know what properties your new kiln should have, then you can choose it directly from the offer of ceramic kilns designed not only for schools. 

    Most often we deal with:

    Sale of ceramic kilns for elementary schools (ES).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for kindergartens (KG).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for educational institutions (EI).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for homes of children and youth (HCY).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for children´s homes (CH).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for retirement homes (RH).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for elementary art schools (EAS).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for vocational schools (VS).

    Sale of ceramic kilns for higher vocational schools (HVS).


    We do not exclude cooperation with any type of a school or a school facility, so feel free to contact us in the case that you need a reliable supplier of ceramic tools and devices. In the case of a long-term cooperation, we can provide you individual prices for our assortment depending to its type and quantity.

    Within sale of kilns for schools, we distribute kilns from two proven manufacturers of these devices who are among top-rated within their field. These are kilns from Kittec and Nabertherm. Nabertherm kilns are more specialized and have a large overlap in industrial production and laboratories, on the contrary Kittec provides classic ceramic kilns. Of course, we deliver these devices with all necessary accessories, spare parts and provide their service.

    Why buy a school ceramic kiln from us?

     Service and availability of spare parts: we have our own service technician, for Nabertherm kilns we are authorized to provide warranty and post-warranty service. Upon entering the service contract, we can guarantee exit times (important for manufacturing operations). Delivery of spare parts is not conditional upon service. At customer's request, it is possible to deliver only spare parts and our technicians are also ready to consult them over the phone or deliver them along with a professional service.

    Low price: thanks to our close wholesale relationships with the kiln manufacturers, we can offer very competitive prices to our customers. Moreover, if you consider free delivery (kilns and pottery wheels) and entire advisory service, then it is obvious that our offer is more than appealing. We can provide interesting discount options to our regular school-based customers. If you compare price/performance ratio, you hardly buy better kilns anywhereelse.

    Great choice: in our e-shop you can find almost unlimited choice of kilns and other related assortment. You have everything in one place and you can choose ceramic tools of various types, properties and prices with no limits. We can satisfy demanding and less-demanding customers, we offer standard solutions as well as kilns with specific properties.  

    Complex service: we will help you with the selection, ensure delivery, prepare wiring, put into operation and train for work safety. We offer more than just the sale of kilns. Customer´s satisfaction is important for us!

    Fast dispatch: thanks to close cooperation with the Nabertherm manufacturer, we are able to dispatch majority of assortment within 4-5 days. Therefore, you do not need to wait a month or longer for a new school kiln, as is the case with other sellers. Kittec kilns are manufactured and distributed only upon the order, therefore it is necessary to count with a longer delivery time.

    Permanent phone support: because we operate kilns in our workshops ourselves, we offer our customers a telephone support for furnace service inquiries throughout the life of the machine. For these purposes, we stick an aluminium label directly on a kiln with a phone number of our call support. Thus, when changing operators, there is no problem with operation of the kiln. Our cooperation does not end with your purchase, it’s just the beginning.

    Additional service: on request, we provide non-standard services for you, e.g. moving of a school kiln, preparation of wiring, solutions and advisory regarding exhaust, school kiln work safety training, ensuring calibration, design of a workshop including 3D visualization, etc. If you are looking for a seller of ceramic kilns for your school, definitely contact us with your inquiry!

  • Kiln accessories

    In this section, you can find a whole range of tools, additional components and spare parts for kilns. We call these products simply „kiln accessories“. We can provide you with a wide range of the below stated assortment, from standard components, which are subject to wear, to additional equipment designed to ensure more efficient functionality of a kiln or to improve its control, or to upgrade the properties of the kiln or its accessories. We mainly focus on delivery of the Nabertherm and Kittec kiln accessories, because we primarily distribute and service these brands.

    Kiln accessories - shelves, cones

    What are we able to deliver?

    We won´t be surprised by any special requirement to supply accessories for the Nabertherm and Kittec kiln accessories, since we have been selling and servicing kilns for decades. Thanks to this, we have in stock primarily such accessories, which we have noticed that are the most demanded by the operators of kilns. We can also obtain other components, even if they are out of stock, directly from manufacturers and for favourable prices. The most sought kiln accessories: basic material such as shelves for kilns, cones, tripods, various refractory supports or coatings. We also offer safety equipment useful for operation of a kiln, such as refractory gloves, face shields or protective suits. Customers also need spare parts, such as spare sets of heating elements, thermocouples, various kinds of thermo-regulators, switching elements (contactors, relays), spare seals for gassing boxes, spare door springs, etc.

    Accessories for laboratory furnaces

     You can order:

    •    ceramic kilns accessories,

    •    glass kilns accessories,

    •    laboratory furnaces accessories,

    •    industrial furnaces accessories,

    •    hardening furnaces and annealing furnaces accessories.

    If you cannot find specific accessories for your kiln/furnace in our offer, or if you are not sure about the selection of the proper part or component, feel free to contact us with your question. We will gladly answer you, recommend you specific goods, or we´ll order bespoken part directly at the manufacturer for you without having to deal with the matter in any complex way.

    Note: in the case, that you are interested in delivery of a spare part, please send us identification data from your production label. Above all, we need to know: serial number, model, year of manufacture. Please also add a detailed description of the required spare part, eventually its a photo is helpful also. 

    Accessories for furnaces - gas box


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